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I started doing vertical fitness in February 2009.  I was looking for a workout that would help straighten my
posture.   A friend of mine suggested trying vertical fitness.  So I convinced my best friend that we should try
it.  We scheduled our Introduction class and have been addicted ever since.  

Vertical fitness is like playing.  It’s all the fun things that you did as a child but now you get the benefit of
burning a lot of calories and building muscle without feeling like you’ve done anything but play.  I would
encourage everyone to do this workout.  Once a week will get you great results.

I started going to class once a week in February and I have dropped 2 jean sizes.  My posture is beautiful
and I have the most feminine curves.  I did not change my eating one bit.  I started seeing result in 6 weeks
only going once a week.  I now go to class twice a week and it is the only workout that I do now.  

Do not be intimidated that you were never a dancer or took gymnastics.  I have done neither and with
practice and time I am able to make the spins and static moves graceful.  The instructors and your
classmates will encourage and support as you improve and continue.  

Michelle Brown
Covington, LA
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My testimonial in a nutshell.......AWESOME!!! FABULOUS!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!! Kim ....you ROCK! You know
you have ...three "pole fitness" junkies in the Harvest girls. At 41 I would have NEVER thought I would
actually be looking forward to working out every week. Loving my Tuesday evenings! Lots of ladies wanting
to try it out...and several that are slowly realizing that it isn't the TABOO that it is made out to be. The only
downfall to my class has been that my beautiful hubby has always liked my
big butt, which according to him
is "disappearing". haha

Jennine Cooper Cannata
Luling, LA (New Orleans)