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With The Bottom Line there is no sudden jerking or hard impact which can cause
injury - everyone can do these exercises safely. If you find this hard to believe, try it
yourself.  You'll see spectacular results within just a few sessions. No other
program will shape and tone your body as quickly, safely, and effectively and on
other program will keep you conditioned as easily.  Would you like results like?
  • Lift and tighten your behind
  • Erase your saddlebags
  • Tighten your underarm
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Slim your inner thighs
  • Tighten your pelvic floor
No ifs, ands, or butts...
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Unretouched photos from Callan Pickney's book,
CALLANETICS 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours
With  The Bottom Line Workout
Your body will change shape fast and you will feel great!

The Bottom Line Workout is an infusion of Callanetics, Lotte Burk, Pilates, Yoga and
Stretching. Callanetics was created in the seventies and is a system of tiny muscle
contractions and stretches. Proponents claim that one hour of Callanetics equals 24
hours of aerobic dance.