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Body Rolling Class
Join us and start winning the weight loss battle and embark on the road to
a healthier lifestyle!

We are already nearing the end of a decade. Let's make choices that bring great results. The
results we want! Are you ready for change? Ready to create a new you?  
We ARE ready!  
Fitness is made simple at Pole Perfect.


Wouldn't you like your body to look and function better, without all the work most fitness programs
require? Body Rolling, an exercise program that you do with 6 to 10 inch balls (they are not large balls),
will tone, strengthen and realign your body in a way that's not only easy but enjoyable and extraordinarily
effective. This cutting-edge fitness practice will make you leaner, longer and stronger; you'll achieve a
terrific shape that you can't get from other workouts. It's a workout, a massage and a chiropractic session
all in one!

It brings rapid relief, increased blood flow, relaxation and healing to tired, achy, overused muscles. Body
Rolling can prevent injuries and keep you moving. Body Rolling is the most affordable and effective
therapeutic massage anyone could ask for!


Body Rolling complements all other exercise regimens - as well as being a complete  routine
of de-stressing and elongating on its own.

    Many people don't want to work out. They feel generally fine and just want to stay in reasonable
    shape. To them, the feeling of "better" after a Body Rolling session comes as a surprise. They
    don't realize that such a big improvement is possible in their physical well-being. For these people,
    as well as those who exercise only because they feel they ought to - or because a doctor told them
    they must – Body Rolling is an eye-opener. Once they feel how much better they feel, they become
    hooked on body rolling and do it regularly. No matter how old you are or what physical issues you
    have, all Ball Rolling routines can be modified, so that you can safely do them and still see dramatic

    If you yearn to find health, fitness, fun and a slimmer and toned you, then Pole Perfect Fitness is
    for you! If you're resolving to lose weight, get fit or tone up, then I have some news for you.
    It's going to be easier and even fun!

    Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary? We understand your busy lifestyle and the need for a
    workout that gets you the most benefit in shortest period of time.  

    Get the body you want in the time you have, we are fitness focused on you!
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