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Kimberly Lobert

Kimberly Lobert is the founder and creator of Pole Perfect Fitness. Kimberly’s goal is to help her clientele look and feel better
than ever while giving them a great workout. Kimberly has studied, had support and direction from the absolute best in our
Kimberly trained with Pole Icons and founders Fawnia Monday Dietrich (brought Pole Fitness to the U.S.),
Jamilla Deville (IPDFA Instructor of the Year), Allison Cox (IPDFA top 10  finalist) and the worlds greatest Pole Fitness
instructor, Pantera Blacksmith.

In addition, Kimberly just finished her certification and licensing with Bodyhoops creator Diana Lopez.  Marisa Tomei is
using Diana's Patented Infinity Travel Hoop in her workout.  Marisa was recently on Ellen to talk about her hooping.

Once a stay at home mom, Kimberly renewed her love of fitness and became a certified PhysicalMind Pilates Instructor in
mat and all apparatus in 2002.

One day in 2004 after seeing Pole Fitness on Oprah, Kimberly ordered her first pole. After trying it for the first time, she
became hooked. Kimberly found she needed more than DVD”S and U tube to learn the pole.

Kimberly then started traveling all over the country to get the very best training possible. She soon realized that it not only
challenged her body but it gave her amazing self-confidence and it was one of the greatest workouts ever. When starting, the
goal was just to learn for her and teaching others was not even in Kimberly’s mind. During a monthly girls night out in
Kimberly’s home, one of the women suggested she start teaching Pole in her home. Kimberly realized many women could
benefit from this type of exercise, because it incorporates resistance training, while having fun!

Kimberly holds various fitness certifications and is constantly seeking out continuing education classes for all areas of

Kimberly and the Pole Perfect Fitness staff have built Pole Perfect Fitness on the mission of changing bodies and lives and
building relationships. She hires only the most highly trained and friendly teachers who are committed to vertical fitness.

I really enjoy what I do and want to motivate all women to enjoy taking care of this one body they have.
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