Bachelorette Parties

Blow your best friend's mind by throwing her an exquisite Pole Perfect Fitness Bachelorette Party. Led by
one of our amazing Instructors, the Pole Perfect Fitness Bachelorette Party is a unique and creative way to
celebrate a bride-to-be. Our sensual yet wholesome movement is perfect for all ages and backgrounds.
Each empowering party is two hours long and can be customized to suit your needs. The first thirty
minutes features an invigorating warm-up based on the Pole Perfect Fitness moves taught in our classes.
After that, you will learn Intro level pole skills, and a choreographed routine. The pole skills are fabulous
fun and require no athletic ability. Our instructors are ready and waiting to make your customized event a
night to remember!
Cost: $550 (for up to 10 women).  Each women over 10 is $35.
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